Redesigning the look and feel throughout for Paramount


Paramount attend a lot of exhibitions and these events are an excellent way to obtain a greater understanding of what customers want to see. Customers are interested in their industry which could be anything from, bakery, produce or pharmaceuticals.

Emphasis was spent on forming a relationship between an industry and a suitable machine, rather than just showcasing what machines Paramount offer.

Customers can now find what they are looking for quickly.

Paramount Packaging machine in motion, wrapping small mints
How the Paramount Packaging website looks on a Google Pixel mobile device
Building a brand identity with clean photography and visual design

Photography is paramount

It was a fantastic opportunity being able to do the photography, because I could really build up the look and feel I wanted.

I took a collection of team photos in a studio setup, attended exhibitions where I could capture machines, the team and any other creative opportunities I could cast my eyes on.

PPMA exhibition event at the NEC in Birmingham
Management team profile photography

Style guide and visual design

Forming a style for paramount was an important process. Clean typography choice and scale, colour palette, and how elements look and relate to each other on a page all build an important image, brand and awareness.

Style guide to include typography, colour palette, form controls, errors, grid, buttons and ui components
Home page visual design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Managing their content

ExpressionEngine (opens in a new window) was the content management system of choice. It’s incredibly flexible, secure, and was a perfect fit for Paramount. Everything was built from the ground up to allow them and their marketing company to manage and control all their website content.

They have the ability to manage news, machines, pack styles, employees and anything else that did not require design intervention.

ExpressionEngine CMS to manage Paramount Packaging online content

The results

I delivered a website, which was exactly what Paramount Packaging was looking for. This met the needs of the client, their marketing team, and more importantly, their customers. This included:

  • design and development
  • photography and videography
  • MailChimp integration
  • ExpressionEngine integration
  • mobile friendly design
  • website hosting and management
  • continued support and availability
Management profile visual design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices