A complete rebrand and design for Max Powder


Max Powder wanted a complete rebrand with a more up-to-date look and feel. They wanted the website to work on all devices, small and large with the ability to manage their prices, photo galleries and other important information.

The rebrand and design had to convey the high-quality work Max Powder produce.

The goal was to keep content to a bare minimum, with nice use of photography and emphasis on customer feedback from the work they do.

Sports car photo example with Max Powder photographic style applied
How the Max Powder website looks on a Google Pixel mobile device
Building a brand identity with a photographic style throughout

Brand identity

I started investigating various typefaces that I feel worked with the words ‘max’ and ‘powder’, with greater emphasis on ‘max’.

Avant Garde, one of my personal favourite typefaces, was the perfect candidate for the vision I had in mind.

Inspired by the FedEx logo created by Lindon Leader, I manipulated the typeface to adopt a similar style which I feel worked very well.

Max Powder logo design on a dark and light background

Style guide and visual design

An important process was the preparation of designed elements on pages. A carefully selected typeface and a responsive scale to maintain vertical rhythm.

The design system included carefully designed and prepared elements which incorporated everything from buttons, grid, colours, icons, form elements and more to define the style and image for Max Powder.

Style guide example illustrating typography and colour palette
Style guide to include typography, colour palette, form controls, errors, grid, buttons and ui components
Home page example illustrating desktop, tablet and mobile versions
Home page visual design to include style guide assets
Gallery page example illustrating desktop, tablet and mobile versions
Gallery page visual design to include style guide assets

Managing their content

ExpressionEngine was used as the content management system for Max Powder and was a perfect fit for this type of project. It’s flexible, secure and very powerful.

They have the ability to manage most of their site content, anything ranging from prices to photo galleries, which was exactly what they wanted.

Side-by-side example of ExpressionEngine and Max Powder working together
ExpressionEngine CMS to manage Max Powder online content

Quality assurance

I ensure that the website is secure and running at its best. It is also fully accessible, search engine friendly, and up-to-date. I use Google Lighthouse as an automated testing tool to improve the quality of Max Powder.

Google Lighthouse automated testing tool and Media Temple SSL firewall protection and monitoring

The results

I delivered a complete brand identity including logo design to be used on various materials from signage, business cards and invoices. I also designed and built the website from scratch to fulfil the needs of the client. This includes:

  • logo design
  • design and development
  • ExpressionEngine integration
  • mobile friendly design
  • website hosting and management
  • continued support and maintenance
Gallery collection page visual design to include style guide assets